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Where Good Becomes Outstanding

Years 7-8 Programs


In accordance to VELS (Level 5), students in our Year 7-8 English program will gain the literary aptitude that will enable them to:

  1. understand and produce, in electronic and print forms, a variety of texts for different purposes using structures and features of
  2. language appropriate to the purpose, audience and context of the writing
  3. extensively employ figurative language and visual images
  4. use a range of approaches to spelling, applying morphemic knowledge and understanding visual and phonic patterns
  5. read, interpret and respond to a wide range of literary, everyday and media texts in print and/or multimodal formats
  6. analyse these texts and support interpretations with evidence drawn from the text
  7. describe how texts are constructed for particular purposes, and identify how sociocultural values, attitudes and beliefs are presented in texts
  8. use strategies such as reading on, using contextual cues, and drawing on knowledge of text organisation when interpreting texts containing unfamiliar ideas and information
  9. plan, rehearse and make presentations for different purposes
  10. sustain a point of view and provide succinct accounts of personal experiences or events
  11. adjust their speaking to take account of context, purpose and audience, and vary tone, volume and pace of speech to create or emphasise meaning


In accordance to VELS (Level 5), students in our Year 7-8 Mathematics program will gain the numeracy knowledge in:

  1. Power of Prime Numbers
  2. Inverse of Decimals, Fractions, Ratios and Percentages
  3. Rational Numbers and Square Roots
  4. Binary Number Representation
  5. Pi and Geometry
  6. Lengths, Angles and Adjacency
  7. Geometrical Characteristics of special shapes
  8. Measuring features of Geometric shapes
  9. Empirical Probability and Tree Diagrams
  10. Dot, Stem and Leaf, Column graph, Bar chart and Histogram plots
  11. Summary Statistics, Spread and Inference
  12. Translation, Reflection, Rotation and Dilation
  13. Algebraic Equation Writing and simple manipulation
  14. Linear Functions and Correspondence
  15. Geometric Propositions
  16. Interpolation and Extrapolation
  17. Technology Aided Mathematics
  18. Mathematical Models of Real Life Events
  19. Mathematical Deduction and Numerical Logic
  20. Communicative, Associative, and Distributive Reasoning


In accordance to VELS (Level 5), students in our Year 7-8 Science program will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to:

  1. use the particle model to explain structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions and factors that influence rate
  2. explain the structure and function of cells and how different cells work together
  3. explain the relationships, past and present, in living and non-living systems, in particular ecosystems, and human impact on these systems
  4. analyse what is needed for living things to survive, thrive or adapt, now and in the future, and explain how the observed characteristics of living things are used to establish a classification system
  5. use everyday examples of machines, tools and appliances to show how the thermodynamic model describes energy and change, and force and motion
  6. use time scales to explain the changing Earth and its place in space and distinguish ideas about the Universe that have a scientific basis from those that do not
  7. use physical and theoretical models to investigate geological processes
  8. demonstrate safe, technical uses of a range of instruments and chemicals, and of procedures for preparation and separation, and appropriately make systematic observations and correctly interpret recorded data
  9. justify their choice of instruments and the accuracy of their measurements, commenting on the reliability of the procedures, the measurements used, and the conclusions drawn against the prediction or hypothesis investigated
  10. make and use models and images from computer software to interpret and explain observations, and use simulations to predict the effect of changes in an ecosystem

Scholarship Preparation

Our Scholarship Preparation Course is ideal for students seeking to:

  1. receive academic scholarships from Independent Schools
  2. gain entry into Victorian Selective Entry Schools (Melbourne High School, Macrobertson Girls' High School, Nossal High School, Cory High School and John Monash Science School)
  3. gain entry into selective high achieving streams of certain public schools
  4. Since set of criteria used by schools to determine the suitability of candidates varies considerably between schools, we provide programs that address the criteria of individual entrance tests (i.e. ACER), as well as a general program that aims to improve the overall literacy, numeracy and social knowledge of our students.

Our general program attempts to strengthen our students in the following areas:

  1. Vocabulary and Grammar
  2. Response to Stimulus Reading
  3. Verbal Reasoning
  4. Numerical Reasoning
  5. Mathematical principles
  6. Creative Writing
  7. Analytical Writing
  8. Test Techniques

What is happening in class?
1. Classes will commence early Jan 2019 for VCE and IB subjects. Year 5-10s will commence late Jan '19.
2. Enrolment open for 2019 - places are very limited so please register early.