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Where Good Becomes Outstanding

Year 5-6 Program

Reading, Writing and Comprehension (Course A)

Spelling and Vocabulary (Course B)

In accordance to VELS (Level 4), students in our Year 5-6 Reading, Writing and Comprehension, and Spelling and Vocabulary programs will gain the literary aptitude that will enable them to:

  1. understand and produce, in electronic and print forms, a variety of texts for different purposes using structures and features of
  2. language appropriate to the purpose, audience and context of the writing (A)
  3. employ and comprehend figurative language and visual images (B)
  4. recognise and use a range of vocabulary, a variety of sentence structures (B)
  5. identify and use different parts of speech, including nouns, pronouns, adverbs, comparative adverbs and adjectives, as well as using
  6. correct punctuation and appropriate prepositions and conjunctions (A)
  7. use a range of approaches to spelling, applying morphemic knowledge and understanding visual and phonic patterns (B)
  8. accept the need to vary writing strategies, including note-making, model use, planning, editing and proofreading (A)
  9. prepare, in advance, for the academic requirements of early High School years (A/B)

Problem Solving and Mathematics

In accordance to VELS (Level 4), students in our Year 5-6 Problem Solving and Maths program will gain the numeracy knowledge in:

  1. Integer Arithmetic
  2. Decimals, Fractions, Ratios and Percentages
  3. Factors and Multiples
  4. Algorithm Presentation
  5. Shape Geometry
  6. Angles, Scales and Transformations
  7. Location and Direction
  8. Conversion between metric units
  9. Experimental and Theoretical Probabilities
  10. Data Categorisation and Representation
  11. Variables, Venn Diagrams and Karnaugh Maps
  12. Number Sequences
  13. Mathematical Reasoning and Numerical Logic
  14. Modelling, Assumptions and Simulations

Design, Creativity and Technology

In accordance to VELS (Level 4), students in our Year 5-6 Design, Creativity and Technology program will acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will allow them to:

  1. develop design briefs, either individually or in a group environment
  2. acknowledge the limitation and specification of the design brief and the recognise the presence of alternate design briefs
  3. demonstrate appropriate awareness of social and economical constraints to some design ideas
  4. take views of consumers into consideration when producing step-by-step plans for making the eventual product.
  5. describe how the intended product would function and its desired appearance
  6. justify design choices based on design evaluation criteria
  7. work with a variety of materials/ingredients and system components safely to produce a functional product
  8. employ a range of fine adjusting techniques to alter materials and methods
  9. demonstrate consideration of safety and hygiene and correct use of technology
  10. reflect on their design choice after the completion of the product and discuss possible improvements to their plan

Scholarship Preparation

Students wishing to attain entry into academic scholarship programs in independent schools and/or entry into selective high achieving streams at certain public schools are recommended to attend our scholarship preparation program.

Since set of criteria used by schools to determine the suitability of candidates varies considerably between schools, we provide programs that address the criteria of individual entrance tests (i.e. ACER), as well as a general program that aims to improve the overall literacy, numeracy and social knowledge of our students.

Our general program attempts to strengthen our students in the following aspects:

  1. Vocabulary and Grammar
  2. Response to Stimulus Reading
  3. Verbal Reasoning
  4. Numerical Reasoning
  5. Mathematical principles
  6. Creative Writing
  7. Analytical Writing
  8. Test Techniques
What is happening in class?
1. Classes will commence early Jan 2019 for VCE and IB subjects. Year 5-10s will commence late Jan '19.
2. Enrolment open for 2019 - places are very limited so please register early.