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Where Good Becomes Outstanding

Group Classes

Our Group Class sessions are usually held weekly for approximately 90-120 minutes per subject in all of our locations. These small sized classes (typically less than 10 students) aim to consolidate students' understanding of the key knowledge and concepts learnt in schools. In addition, they also seek to expose students to study content normally taught in latter years so that our students can achieve and maintain a head start over their peers.

In order to accurately determine the student's needs, all enrolled students are required to undergo an initial assessment, the result of which is used to stream students according to their relative foundation knowledge. In this way, we are able to provide classes for both the students seeking to catch up with schoolwork and those that hungers for a greater challenge. However, streams of classes are never be final and if we feel that a student is outperforming his/her stream, we will reassign the student into a more accelerated stream.

Several of our higher achieving streams will be given the opportunity to learn the materials and complete practice questions one or several years ahead to ensure that the more advanced students are continuously engaged.

Homework and other practice material are also provided each week to complement the theory taught in class. Feedback on students' progress will also be routinely given so as to help students improve on a weekly basis. All the students enrolled in our Group Class program are also expected to sit spontaneous and/or premeditated tests and exams on a regular basis.

What is happening in class?
1. Classes will commence early Jan 2019 for VCE and IB subjects. Year 5-10s will commence late Jan '19.
2. Enrolment open for 2019 - places are very limited so please register early.