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Academic Resources

We hold a number of academic workshops across the calendar year. They are typically independent 3-4 hour sessions that either focuses on one key aspect of knowledge in a particular subject (Subject Seminars) or one that offers general and specific advice to students seeking to perform well in exams and admission tests (Exam Workshops).

These workshops are both intense and compact, and are suitable for students who already possess an adequate understanding of the topics covered. They will build on the concepts and principles the students have already learnt in classes, fill in the areas of weakness in the student's knowledge bank, and provide students with effective strategies to solve exam-styled problems. In effect, these workshops seek to enhance the students' performance in exams and hence optimize the scores that they will receive.

Some of the academic workshops that we offer include:

  1. Master VCE Chemistry in two weeks (seminars for all VCE Chemistry topics)
  2. Methods made Easy (seminars for all VCE Mathematical Method topics)
  3. Specialist Mathematics Dissected (seminars for all VCE Specialist Mathematics topics)
  4. Laugh at Physics (seminars for all VCE Physics topics)
  5. Enhance your English grades (exam workshop for VCE English)
  6. How to perform at your prime? (general exam workshop for VCE subjects)
  7. Prepare for UMAT (UMAT-specific test workshop)
  8. Pass your Interview with ease (interview workshop for medical applicants)
And many more...

What is happening in class?
1. Classes will commence early Jan 2019 for VCE and IB subjects. Year 5-10s will commence late Jan '19.
2. Enrolment open for 2019 - places are very limited so please register early.