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Where Good Becomes Outstanding

About Us

Breakthrough Education is a tutoring centre designed to empower students to not only significantly improve their academic standards, but also to recognize why they have to learn, strive and ultimately achieve their goals in life. In order to do this, our team of experienced teaching staff first help students identify their strengths and weakness towards learning so that we then may tailor a leaning program especially designed to meet your needs thus students will understand the meaning of learning as their results and confidence gradually show. Our coalition of outstanding teachers tutors and past graduates provide students with inspiration, guidance and the finest resources and useful strategies required in order for students to produce exceptionally steady academic results. At BT we teach in a manner that students find enjoyable and exhilarating. Hence all students at BT understand why they have to learn and are thus motivated to learn and to keep striving to achieve their personal goals.

A message from Kevin (Founder, Head Coach and Tutor)

For many years I wondered how it is that someone with superior knowledge, superior skills, superior background and superior education produce results which are far worse than what is expected of them. On the flip side, you have those with every challenge you can image and yet they produce results multiples times better.

One thing stands out about those who have produced results they desired: regardless of their environment, those who have succeeded have done so because they knew exactly why success was a must.

The secret can be simplified into 3 simple steps:

  1. Having clear outcomes and knowing what results you want.
  2. Having strong enough reasons and knowing why it is you want them.
  3. Having well defined strategies and knowing how you are going to achieve them

All three steps are vital in achieving academic success but above all those who best understand the reason (the why) are the ones who produce the best outcomes.

Conventional education provides students with only the strategy or how to do things. At school we are taught how to solve algebra, how to write chemical equations, how to do this and that. Yet rarely are we told why is it we do it. Have you not heard the common question students ask: Why do we have to do maths? And what the answer you hear over and over again: Because you have to.

At Breakthrough Education, we help students understand:

  1. What is it they want?
  2. Why they want it?
  3. How they go about getting it.

This is why graduates from Breakthrough Education perform far better than any of the schools (private and public) in Victoria. In 2009 our median study score for year 12 subjects was 42 out of 50, which is 4 points higher than the best performing school in the state.

I invite you to be part of an extraordinary group of students who are committed not to settle at their current level but to breakthrough in every aspect of academic achievement.

With gratitude and respect,
Kevin Xiao
Founder, Head Coach & Tutor
What is happening in class?
1. Classes will commence early Jan 2019 for VCE and IB subjects. Year 5-10s will commence late Jan '19.
2. Enrolment open for 2019 - places are very limited so please register early.